System setting does not allow you to change R3TR NOTE

Many times SAP provides code piece by means of SAP notes and the customer can download them from ERP system via Tx- SNOTE and implement them.

But sometimes while trying to download  the note from Tx- SNOTE we receive the below error message as – System setting does not allow you to change R3TR NOTE  xxxxxxx.

The below post describes we counter such type of error when downloading the note. Here we tried to download the below note from SNOTE transaction.



provided the note number and click on execute button.


We receive the below error line. Now double click on the message short text line to see the detailed message text.


It says the note is assigned to software component SAP_UI and in the system the software component SAP_UI is set as not modifiable. Unless until in the system the software component SAP_UI is marked as modifiable, the note can’t be downloaded .



System setting does not allow you to change R3TR NOTE 0001866704

Message no. TR006


The object R3TR NOTE 0001866704 is assigned to the software component SAP_UI through its package.
This software component is not modifiable in this SAP System.

System Response

The function terminates.

Procedure for System Administration

Check whether you can modify software component SAP_UI.
You can set the modifiability of software components in the Transport Organizer Tools under Administration -> Set System Change Option.


To see the software component settings – navigate along the highlighted marks in SPRO.


So here is the settings.


In the link above it is mentioned that only user having the authorization- standard authorization S_CTS_ADMIN can change the system settings. Basically this authorization is provided to the BASIS admin. Please check with them to make the settings.


So the SAP_UI component can be set to modifiable and then the note can be downloaded.




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