Defining New Sales Document type In SD

In Sales and Distribution, any sales document is created with respect to a  Order type that subsequently determines the screen fields. The most used sales document types delivered by standard sap are Sales Order (OR), Debit Memo Request (DR) , Credit Memo Request (CR) and others. If the customer wants to have a separate sales doc type then they can create in by copying from the standard or by creating a fresh new one as per the business demand.

To Define a new Sales Document type follow the below steps:

Step1. Go to Tcode- VOV8 or follow the spro img path.

IMG  Path :-  SPRO > IMG > Sales and Distribution > Sales > Sales Documents > Sales Document Header > Define Sales Document Types

Step2. Lets create a new standard order by copying the standard Order (OR). Select the order type OR and click on Copy button.

Step3. Change the sales document type to ZOR and the description and other parameters as well as per the business demand and save it. At last go back.

Step4. So the newly created order type appears in the list.



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