Use of SAP OTR [OnlineText Repository] Text


SAP provides OTR repository to maintain text in multiple languages. Usually text elements can be used to maintain texts in multiple languages but it is not available in certain cases.

OTR text can be used for the below object types like enhancements and web dynpo applications & etc.

Step1. Get the translated text.

Step2. Go to the Tx- SOTR_EDIT to create OTR text.

Step3. Choose short text and language as EN and Create.

Step4. Teh below screen appears.

Step5. Maintain below details like package, alias name and object type & the Text – Wel Come. Save it.

Step6. So automatically the alias name got changed. So we created an OTR text with english lang . Now we need to maintain the text in DE(german language).

Step7. Navigate along the menu to maintain translation text.

Step8. Choose appropriate language.

Step9. The below screen appears.

Step10. Maintain German text and save it.

Step11. Go to SE38(logon lang-EN) and create a report program. Th otr text can be accessed by its alias name by calling some standard class-method as shown. Open the program in another logon language as -DE. Execute the same program in different languages.

Step12. Here we have the output.



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