Update Function Module Failure Analysis

 Step1. Go to Tx- SM13.

Step2. Provide the details in the screen like the dates when the failure happened, time as well and click on the Execute button. Before that check the Update System is active.

Step3. The system found below update failure messages in certain dates. To see details about a particular failure, double click on the line or select particular line from the left side button and click on the Modules Button.

Step4. The failure message involves a call of three update function modules. The first update FM was executed for the very first time and got a status as ERROR so the update call is terminated and next two update FM were not called at all and got the status as initial.

Step5. Double click on each FM and U can see the detailed POP up screen.

Step6. When a Update failure occurs the Requested User receives a mail in his mail Inbox. So go to Tx- SBWP and expand u’r inbox and u can find the Update termination message. Double click on it to see the details. Both Tx- SM13 and SWBP messages are synchronized by the Update key.



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