Encode and Decode String for security reason in SAP

 SAP provides standard Utility class CL_HTTP_UTILITY which provides methods that can be used to encode and decode string for security reasons.

PARAMETERS p_string TYPE string.

DATA lv_encode_str TYPE string,                        

           lv_decode_str TYPE string.

WRITE :‘Plain String :’p_string.

CALL METHOD cl_http_utility=>if_http_utility~encode_base64   EXPORTING     unencoded p_string    ” Unencoded String   RECEIVING     encoded   lv_encode_str.    ” BASE64-Encoded String

WRITE :‘Encoded String:’lv_encode_str COLOR 5.

CALL METHOD cl_http_utility=>if_http_utility~decode_base64   EXPORTING     encoded lv_encode_str    ” BASE64-Encoded String   RECEIVING     decoded lv_decode_str.    ” Decoded string

WRITE :‘Decoded Sing:’lv_decode_str COLOR 3.

 Here is the program. Execute.





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