LEAVE LIST-PROCESSING: This statement immediately exits the list processor. This statement can be used in various purposes. Let’s take one case where it can be sued.

Suppose a user provides any value in the selection-screen parameter and once press F8 , then in the START-OF-SELECTION event let’s we validate the value and raise an error message if it is not a valid one. Then the user perspective the selection-screen should appear again where he can specify the correct value but this is not the case. As soon as the error message is raised then the selection screen disappears. In such a situation Leave List-Processing can be used.

Step1. Crate the below report and have an error message.

Step2. Execute and provide the correct value.

Step3. We receive the o/p.

Step4. Provide a different value.

Step5. Well the raised error disappears the selection-screen. Go back.

Step6. Well home screen is reached.

Step7. In the validation change the message type and put the statement ‘Leave list-processing’.

Step8. run and provide a value.

Step9. The O/P appears.

Step10. Provide a different value.

Step11. We receive the message but still the selection-screen appears enabling the user to provide a correct value.



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