Step1. Here the selection screen contains 3 parameters and a search help is assigned to the field p_connid. The search help shows the list of records having four fields in each row. So when a user selects one record, along with the connid value , cityfrom and cityto value should be mapped to teh selection screen field automatically. So here the search help exit is used where the value of cityfrom and cityto is picked up from the user selection and the selection screen is updated with the standard fm  ‘DYNP_UPDATE_FIELDS’ .

The report :

Step2. The search help with search help exit.

Step3. Search help exit predefined changing parameter.

Step4.  Search help exit predefined tables parameter.

Step5. Here the code. The RETURN event is triggered when the user selects one particular row from the F4 list from the selection screen. The table record_tab contains one record selected by the user and the value of cityfrom and cityto are retrieved and mapped to the table lt_fld with the selection screen field name and value.

Step6. Execute the report and press f4 option .

Step7. Select any line.

Step8. So along with connid value, cityfrom and cityto values are picked up from the search help exit and updated in the report via the fm call.



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