Total/Free Work Process in the system

DATA :   lv_wps TYPE i,
lv_dia_wps TYPE i,
lv_fdia_wps TYPE i,
lv_btc_wps TYPE i,
lv_fbtc_wps TYPE i.

*   SERVER              =
wps                       lv_wps
dia_wps                lv_dia_wps ” available dialog work process
free_dia_wps        lv_fdia_wps ” currently free work process
*   UPD_WPS             =
*   FREE_UPD_WPS        =
*   ENQ_WPS             =
*   FREE_ENQ_WPS        =
btc_wps                lv_btc_wps ” available background workprocess
free_btc_wps        lv_fbtc_wps ” currently free workprocess
*   SPO_WPS             =
*   FREE_SPO_WPS        =
*   UPD2_WPS            =
*   FREE_UPD2_WPS       =
*   RES_WPS             =
*   DYN_WPS             =
*   DYN_WPS_USED        =
*   CONF_WPS            =
failed              1
OTHERS              2.

WRITE :‘TOtal Number of Work Process:’lv_wps.
WRITE :‘TOtal Number of available Dialog Work Process:’,  lv_dia_wps.
WRITE :‘TOtal Number of free Dialog Work Process:’lv_fdia_wps.
WRITE :‘TOtal Number of available Background Work Process:’lv_btc_wps.
WRITE :‘TOtal Number of free Background Work Process:’lv_fbtc_wps.

Step1. Execute the program.

 Step2. Go to Tx- SM50 and see all the work process details.


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