Text Editor using CL_GUI_TEXTEDIT


DATA lr_custom_cont TYPE REF TO cl_gui_custom_container,
lr_text_edit TYPE REF TO cl_gui_textedit.



*  MODULE create_container OUTPUT

MODULE create_container OUTPUT.
CREATE OBJECT lr_custom_cont
container_name ‘EDITOR’ ” Name of the Screen CustCtrl
repid          syrepid
dynnr          sydynnr.

ENDMODULE.                    “create_container OUTPUT

*  MODULE create_text_editor OUTPUT
MODULE create_text_editor OUTPUT.

CREATE OBJECT lr_text_edit
parent lr_custom_cont.     ” Parent Container

ENDMODULE.                    “create_text_editor OUTPUT

Step1. Here is the code.

Step2. Screen flow logic.

Step3. Screen layout and adding a custom container to it.

 Step 4. Run the above program and here we have an editor.



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