Reading Data from SAP Application Server

Step1.  Go to Tx- AL11

Step2. Need to read data from DIR_TEMP directory.

 Double click on it.

Step3. So here we have the files.

Double click on the file : ALL_FLIGHT_DATA & ALL_FLIGHT_DATA_BIN

Step4. here are the file contents.

Step5.  Execute the report which reads the file : ALL_FLIGHT_DATA and puts it in an internal  table and then displays it.

OPEN DATASET-  Opens the file for certain operation

FOR INPUT- Means to read the data from the file of the application server

READ DATASET- Reads the file content line by line .

CLOSE DATASET- Closes the file.

Step6. So here we have the report output.

Step6.. Also we can read the file  ALL_FLIGHT_DATA_BIN & display its data.

Step7. So here is the below output.



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