IDoc with Filter Objects

 Business Scenario: Collectively Transferring Material by ALE IDoc between two SAP Systems with filter object.

Sender System: DEV, Client -200.

Receiver System: QAS, client-200.

Filter object is something if for certain fields the the conditional value is satisfied then Communication IDoc is generated and transmitted to the receiving system. If the conditional value is not satisfied then no communication IDoc is generated for that.

In case of message type ‘MATMAS’ for material, let us assume that if the Material group is 1 then it should be transferred to the destination system else otherwise not.

Step1. Now go to Tcode- MM03 in the sender system.

Step2. Provide a previously created material and hit the Enter button.

Step3. Select the Basic Data 1 and click on Continue button.

Step4. Press F4 against the field Material Group. The set of possible values are 01, 02 and 03. Now we will set a filter  object for Material group. If the value is 01 then the material should be sent to the destination system else not.

Step5. Now go to Tcode- BD64 to edit the Customer distribution Model- DEVQASMAT.

Step6. Go to the EDIT mode. Select the Distribution Model ‘DEVQASMAT’ and expand it. At the end the line says no Filter Set.  Now double click on ‘No Filter Set’.

Step7. Select Data Filtering and Click on the Create Filter Group button and then click on the + button.

Step8. Select the line Material Group and click on Continue button. Now from the appearing popup screen, press the Add(+) button.

Step9. From the appearing input field for Material Group – Press F4 button and from the value choose 01 and click on continue button.

Step10. Now the value 01 appears in the input field. Click on Continue button.

Step11. The filter value 01 appears under the Material Group. Click on Continue button.

Step12. Now under the Customer Distribution Model ‘DEVQASMAT’ the data filter is active.

Step13. Now go to Tcode- MM01 to create some material in the source system.

Step14. Material 4078 is created with Material Group- 01.

Step15. Material 4078 is created in source system.

Step16. Material 4079 is created with Material Group- 02.

Step17. Material 4079 is created in source system.

Step18. Go top the Tcode- MM03 in the destination system.

Step19. Material 4078 doesn’t exist in destination  system.

Step20. Material 4079 doesn’t exist in destination  system.

Step21. Now go to Tcode- BD10 in the source system.

Step22. Provide the Material numbers, message type, logical system and click on F8 button.

Step23. The popup shows 2 master Docs set up have been generated.

Step24. But only one communication IDoc is generated due to the filter object for the material group.

Step25. Now go to Tcode- WE02 to track the Generated IDoc.

Step26. Provide the Idoc type and Execute it.

Step27. Due to the Collective mode set up in the partner profile the IDoc is set with status 30. Double click on the Line.

Step28.  It carries the Material- 4068 with Material group 01.

Step29. Now go to Tcode- WE14 to manually process the IDoc.

Step30. Provide the IDoc number and execute it.

Step31. The IDoc is sent to the Target system.

Step33. Again go to Tcode- WE02 to verify the status of the Idoc.

Step34. Provide the IDoc number and execute it.

Step35. Now the IDoc status is 03.

Step36. Go to tcode- BDM2 in the source system to get to know the IDoc number generated in the target system.

Step37. Provide the details and execute it.

Step38. Double click on the Highlighted line.

Step39. The IDoc- 199027 is generated in the Target system.

Step40.  Go to Tcode- WE02 in the destination System QAS.

Step41. Provide the IDoc number- 199027 and execute it.

Step42. It carries the material 4078.

Step43. Now go to Tcode- MM03 in the receiving system.

Step44. Provide the material number 4078 and click on Enter button. So the material is available in the destination system with Material group – 01.

Step45. The material 4079 is not available in the destination system as the Material Group is 02.



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