Navigating from one view to another view in a window

Step1. Go to Tx- SE80 and create a web dynpro component with the window name and view name.

Step2. Go to the context node of the view : VIEW1.

 Step3. Create an attribute.

Step4. Provide attribute name and its technical type.

 Step5. Go to OUTBOUND PLUG tab.

Step6. Create an out bound plug and an exporting parameter.

Step7. In layout of VIEW1 create a label and provide the label text.


Step9. Create an input element and bound it to the context node attribute.

Step10. Create an enter event on the input field which will navigate you from view 1 to view2.

 Step11. Provide an action name and description name.

Step12.  Go to the methods tab and open the action handler method.

Step13. In this method read the attribute value and we have to fire the outbound plug.  Now click on the Wizward icon.

 Step14.  Choose Start Navigation radio button and provide the out bound plug  name and continue.

 Step15. Here we have the code and pass the carrid value to it.

Step16. Create another view.

Step17. Create VEW2.

Step18. Go to VIEW2 context tab.

 Step19. Create an attribute.

Step20. Provide the name and tech type of the attribute.


 Step22. Create an inbound plug and navigate to the layout for UI design.

Step23. Create a label and an input field with read only mode.





 Step28. Go to the Inbound plug  method.

 Step29. Double click on the method name.


Step31. Provide carrid as the importing parameter name ans the outbound plug of the VIEW1 exports a carrid value.  And set the carrid value to the context attribute so that it will appear on the layout.

 Step32.  Open the window.

 Step33. Embed the VIEW2.



Step36. Link the outbound plug and the inbound plug.



 Step40. Create a application and test .

Step41. We are in View1. Provide a value and enter then it will show the View 2.



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