Dynamic View Call


Create a web dynpro component with a window and three views as VIEW1, VIEW2 & VIEW3.

Create two outbound plugs in VIEW1 to call VIEW2 and VIEW3.

 Add two buttons on VIEW1 layout with on action event which fire the outbound plugs to call the target views.

Add a view container UI element.

Go to the button event handler method and fire the VIEW1 outbound plugs.

 In VIEW2 create an inbound plug.

 Add a  text view element in VIEW2.

  In VIEW3 create an inbound plug.

  Add a  text view element in VIEW3.

Go to the window. Add EMPTY VIEW, VIEW2 & VIEW3 in the View container UI elemnent and make Empty View as the default view.

Bind the two outbound plugs of the VIEW1 to the Inbound Plug of VIEW2 and VIEW3.

 Create an application and test.

Click on the button and the see the appropriate views are called.



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