ALV in 10 steps in Web Dynpro

Step1. Create a web dynpro component and add the ALV component SALV_WD_TABLE as the component use.

Step2. Under the component controller Properties add the used component and the interface. Go to the Context.

Step3. In the context , add a node with cardinality as 0..N and navigate to the methods tab.

Step4. go to the INIT method of the component controller.

Step5. Select the records and bind  the table to the context node. Open the INTERFCAECONTROLLER_USAGE under the Component reuse.

Step6. Map the controller context node ‘SFLIGHT’ to the INTERFACECONTROLLER context node DATA. Just drag & drop.

Step7. Go to the view and in the layout add a View Container UI element.


Step8. Open the Window and  in the MAIN view we have the VC . Bind the TABLE view of the reused component to the view container.

Step9. Create an application and test.

Step10. Here we have the ALV.


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