OO Exception: Global Exception with Function Module


Step1. Here we have the Exception class created in SE24 which is inherited form CX_STATIC_CHECK.

Step2. Here we have the methods inherited form super class.

Step3. Below are exception text IDs of the exception class.

Step4. Here are the attributes of the exception class. All the TEXT IDs defined under the TEXT tab of the class become the attribute of the class.

Step5. So here we have a function module with importing parameter. Go to the Exceptions tab.

Step6. Select the Exception Classes Check box and provide the above created exception class name .

Step7. So here we have the source code which raises the Exception with particular text ID.

Step8. Here is the Report which calls the above created FM and handles the raises exception  and display the message.

Step9. RUN the report.

Step10. So here we above the output.




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