Document Template creation &writing container data to it

  • Create a class in SE24 and implement the interface IF_WORKFLOW.

  • Define these attributes.

  • Define an event with below exporting parameters.

  • Define constructor and its importing parameter and implementation.

  •  Implement others methods as follows.

  •  Put some implementation logic here which will trigger the work flow and will pass a flight record to the work flow container.

  • Go to Tx- SWDD and create a work flow. Save and provide name and description and create two container element as follows.

  •  Create document template. Double click on it.

  •  Again double click to create.

  • Select work sheet and the  created container structure is available here.Expand it.

  • Select a column on the excel and double click on the field of the container. The links will be created. Similarly double click on the fields that we want to put in the work sheet.

  •  Save the template. provide a name and continue and go back.

  •  Now double click  on the step and select Document from template.

  •  Provide a step name and attach document template by F4 and provide agent who wil receive this document . Continue.

  •  Now click on header.

  •  Under start events provide the class name and event and click on binding.

  •  Do the binding and continue.

  •  Activate and go back.

  • Activate the work flow.

  •  Check tx- SBWP.

  •  Execute the program that will trigger the work flow and will pass one record to the work flow.

  •  Here is  mail. Double click on this.

  •  Here is the information . Go back.

  • After review it is removed .

  •  Go to Tx- SWI1. Execute.

  •  Check the log.

  • Click on the graph log button.

  •  Here is the process.



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