Logo on a Window

Step1. Here we have a .BMP logo.

Step2. Go to Tx- SE78 to upload it to SAP system.

Step3. Expand the Tree and Click on the Import button on the application toolbar.

Step4. Provide the location of the >BMP logo and then provide a logo name, description and choose Color Bitmap Image and Continue.

Step5. The logo is uploaded to SAP system. Now click on the Preview button.

Step6. So here the logo preview appears in the SAP system.

Step7. Create a smartform and in the MAIN Window, right click and create->Graphic.

Step8. The below screen appears. Under General attributes tab, Against NAME choose F4 button.

Step9. Select Color Bitmap Image and Execute.

Step10. Choose the logo – MYSAPLOGO.

Step11. Here it is added to the smartform Main Window. Activate it and execute.

Step12. Execute.

Step13. Execute.

Step14, Preview.

Step15. So here we have the smartform output with LOGO on the MAIN Window.

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