First Script & Driver Program

Step1. Go to Tcode- SE71.

Step2 . Provide a script name and click on Create button.

Step3 Provide the Meaning and click on Paragraph format button.

Step4. The below screen appears.

Step5. In the second part of the screen, in the Standard Attributes , provide a paragraph name as P1, its meaning, left margin and right margin and hit the Enter key and at last click on the Header button.

Step6 . Now we have defined the Paragraph, let’s create a page. So click on the pages button as highlighted.

Step7. The below screen appears on selecting pages button.

Step8. In the second part of the screen, in the Standard attribute, provide the page name as FIRST, its meaning and set Next Page as FIRST and hit the ENTER key. Finally Click on the WINDOWS button.

Step9. By default we have a Main Window ( type MAIN) with name MAIN. To add the Window on the created Page (FIRST) , click on the Page Windows.

Step10. The below screen appears, from the menu navigation click on, Create Element option.

Step11. As we have only one main windows available, so on the pop up screen , only one lien appears. As we want to add the MAIN window on the screen, now double click on the line in the pop up window.

Step12. So now the MAIN window is added on the page FIRST and in the second part of the screen, provide the margins and window width and height.

Step13. In the page windows, from the Menu option , under settings select Form Painter.

Step14. select the Graphical form painter and continue.

Step15. In the graphical form painter, adjust the width, height and margins of the window as per required. According to it, the values are adjusted.

Step16. Again select form painter under Settings menu.

Step17. Deselect graphical form painter and continue.

Step18. Click on the Basic settings Button.

Step19. Now here we have to fill the default paragraph and the first page.

Step20 . Maintain default paragraph as P1 and First Page as FIRST which we already created in the pre stages. Finally click on page windows button.

Step21 . Double click on the Window MAIN and click on the Button ‘Text Elements’ .

Step22. here maintain some text line which will be displayed on the MAIN Window. Go back.

Step23. From the menu option, Activate the Form.

Step24 . We receive the success message if here is no error .

Step25. To get the print preview we have to set up the default printer. So go to Tcode- SU3 and  maintain the default device under Defaults tab.

Step27.  Under the Menu Utilities select printing Test.

Step28. Select Print Preview.

Step29. So we have the output.

Step30. Create a Report and use the standard Function Module, OPEN_FORM, CLOSE_FORM, START_FROM, END_FORM & WRITE_FORM . In the WRITE_FORM , pass the window name MAIN. Execute the Program.

Step31. Select print Preview.

Step32. So we have the output


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