Step1. Go to Tcode- SE71 and open the script . go to page windows, select the MAIN window and click on the Text element button to maintain it.

Step2. Here under the text element TXT_ELEM_1, Maintain the ADDDRESS… ENDARRDESS.

Inside that maintain the command : ADDRESSNUMBER &LS-ADDRNUMBER& is a place holder that we will pass from the driver program.

Step3. Go to the ADRC  table in Tcode- SE11 and open any address number and mark some of the fields like name1, city, street, region and country.

Step4. In the driver program read the details of the address number by using the select query. Call the FM: WRITE_FORM and call the Text element- TXT_ELEM_1 under which we have the ADDRESS.. ENDADDRESS command. Execute it.

Step5. So we have the output. 

Step6. Now this time we will not use the ADDRESSNUMBER command inside the ADDRESS…ENDADDRESS but some other way to display the address. Go to the Text Element of the Window.

Step7. Maintain the below commands inside the ADDRESS… ENDADDRESS. Go back and activate the script form.

Step8. Execute the same report.

Step9. So we have the below output.



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