Time Dependent View

 The entries of time-dependent tables or views depend on a date. The table/view must contain two fields for the start and end dates.One of these fields must be in the key, the other must be the first non-key field in the table/view.


Step1. Go to Tcode- SE11 and  add the table fields as required. As per the rule of the time dependency, it should contain two date fields like start and end date and also the one of the is the part of the key field. Activate the table. generate the TMG for it.

Step2. So here the TMG is generated successfully.

Step3. Go to SM30 and open the table and click on MAINTAIN to add some records.

Step4. Click on NEW Entries.

Step5. So here maintain some time dependent records for the employee 0001. Save it and go back.

Step6. This time click on display.

Step7. Now we can see only one record for the employee thought we have maintained four time different records. Select the line and click on  EXPAND<->COLLAPSE button.

Step8. The expand displays all the records. Again select anyone of them and click on the EXPAND<->COLLAPSE button.

Step9. After collapse only one record is shown.




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