Range Table Type


Range table type field structure is similar to the structure of the select-option table fields: like- SIGN, OPTION, LOW & HIGH.

Step1. We need a range table type for VBELN. So mark the data element which we can use.  Let’s we need a range table type to store VBELN value. So we can use the data element : VBELN_VF.

Step2.  Go to SE11 and provide a data type name and Create it.

Step3. Choose as Table type.

Step4. Provide the short description. So here it is a simple table type but not a range table type. 

Step5. From Edit menu choose the option.

Step6. The below screen appers.

Step7. Provide the data element name, Save it. Provide a Structured Row type name and Create.

Step8. So the system automatically brings the Four Fields as required fro range structure,. provide the description. Save and activate. 

Step9. Go Back.

Step10. Activate the range table type.

Step11. Use the Range table type in the program.

Step12. So here we have the field structure of the internal table referring to the range table type.



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