Logical Data Base – Multi Node

Logical database with multilevel hierarchy provides selected filtered records based on the data dependency.

Step1. The two tables SCARR & SPFLI are dependent. based on the CARRID value let’s get the records from SCARR  table and based on the records from SCARR get all the dependent records from SPFLI table.

Step2. Go To Tx- SE36 or SLDB. Provide a LDB name, select Structure radio button and click on Create button.

Step3. Provide a short text and Create(F5).

Step4. Provide the first NODE name as SCARR &  click on Create button.

Step5. We create the node hierarchy, select the first node SCARR and click on the Create button

Step6. This screen appears.

Step7. Change the value to SPFLI and Hierarchy Under SCARR and Create it.

Step8. We have creates the two level node hierarchy.  Now click on Selections Button.

Step9. YES to continue.

Step10. Select all the check boxes and click on Transfer button.

Step11. The commented code created automatically.

Step12. Change the commented code as per requirement and provide a select-options name S_CARRID . activate it and go back.

Step13. To define the data selection process, click on the Source Code button.

Step14. YES to continue.

Step15. Double click on the second include.

Step16. Click on the include corresponding to node SCARR.(first include)

Step17. Here we find some commented code.

Step18. Change the commented code and activate it. Go back.

Step19. Select the Second Include for the node SPFLI.

Step20. Some commented code appears automatically.

Step21. Change the commented code as per requirement. Activate it and go back.

Step22. Create a report in SE38 and assign the above created LDB to the report.

Step23. Put the below code and execute it.

Step24. click on F8 button. This selection-screen appears from the LDB.

Step25. The below O/P appears:

Step26. Go to the third include in the LDB .

Step27. There is an INIT subroutine which triggers before the selection screen is called. Assign some initial value to the selection-screen element.

Step28. Execute the report program and we find the initial value to the selection-screen element.


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