Changing Technical Settings of a Table

Step1. Go to Tcode- SE13.

Step2. Provide the table name whose technical settings you want to update. Either Display or Change.

Step3. After looking into the technical setting details like : DATA Class, Size Category , Buffering and others we plan to change the size category of the table. The size category is a number which actually reserves some specific amount of memory in kilo bytes in the database. Here the 0 which may allow you to store up to 1000 records but the business might need more records to be stored in the table. So in that case we need to set a different size category value. Click on the change button.

Step4. We are in change mode.

Step5. Change size category value to 1 & save it. It will ask for a request and continue with a request number . Now we are done. Also technical settings can be changed in SE11 by selecting the Technical settings button and will find the Change button. This different Tcode- SE13 is need as in usual case customer/end user may not direct access to SE11.


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