How to Cancel Goods Issue Doc in Delivery?

lightCancelling Goods Issue Doc in Delivery



PGI(Post Goods Issue)– Once delivery doc created for the sales order, then the physical stock is removed from the storage location which reduces the stock quantity  called as PGI and then goods is issued to the customer.

The post describes first creating a sales order followed by creating a delivery with post good action and then cancelling the Goods Issue doc.

Go to Tx- VA01 to create a sales order.


Provide the order type as – OR 


Provide the sold to party, material number and its quantity and save it to create a sales order.


Order 1587 has been created. Now display the sales order in Tx- VAo3.


Go to the item details and the schedule line. So the delivery quantity is confirmed on the date 16th.


Now we have to create a delivery so execute Tx- VL01N


provide the shipping point, order number.


Provide the pick quantity . Now you can select the Save button to create delivery without PGI and later you can edit the delivery and create the PGI. or here you can select the Post Goods Issue button to create a delivery and goods issue.  Select Post Goods Issue button.


Delivery is created.


You can display the details of delivery in Tx- VL03N. Go to the status Overview tab.

The Goods Movement Status- C (completed).


Go to Tx- VA03 and open the sales order and select the document flow button.


Here we have 3 docs created for the sales order. 1- Delivery Doc,  2-Picking Doc,  3-Goods Issue Doc



If it is needed to cancel the post goods issue doc then execute Tx- VL09 .


Provide the delivery number and other details and execute the program.


The list display the delivery with Goods Issue Status as – C(completed), to reverse/cancel the goods issue doc select Reverse button.


Continue to confirm the reversal.


The log shows the goods issue doc of the delivery doc is successfully cancelled. select continue button.


The list displays the Goods Issue Status of the delivery doc changed to A.


Open the sales order in Tx- VA03 and press the document flow button. Now a new Reversal goods issue doc appeared.


Open the delivery doc in Tx- VL03N and g to the Status Overview Tab. The goods movement status of the item is A now.


If u then want to create the post goods issue, then open the delivery in change mode in Tx- VL02N and select the Post Goods Issue button.


Open the delivery in display mode in Tx- VL03N and the item goods movement status now C- Completed.


Open the sales order in Tx- VA03 and the document flow shows a new goods issue doc for the delivery.



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  1. what do I do if it says “handlings unit have been changed. no cancellation possible.”. Could some possible steps to resolve this be provided.


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