Customer Block-Unblock

 A block can be set on a customer on different levels. Like for a particular sales area or for  all sales area  and then a sales block or delivery block or billing block.

The post shows how to set a sales block on a customer for a particular sales organization.

Let’s try to create a sales order in Tx- VA01.


Provide the sales org as 0001, dist channel- 01 and division – 01.


Provide the sold-to-party number as 49 and Enter. There is no block on the customer so it is allowed to create a sales order.


To block a customer- go to Tx- XD05.


provide customer number and the sales are details .


Now to set a Order Block- Press F4.


Choose a block reason.


Save the changes.



Now try to create a sales order for the customer in the same sales area.

Once you provide the customer number and Press enter the below error message is displayed.


To Unblock a customer , just remove the order block reason from Tx- XD05.



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