Passing data from driver program to Smartform interface

Step1. Go to Tx- SMARTFORMS

Step2. Provide a smartform name and click on create button.

Step3.  Click on form interface.

Step4. Click on tables Tab.

Step5. Provides a name. This table record has to be passed from the driver program while calling the smartform function module.

Step6. Now click on Global Definitions and provide a structure LS.

Step7. Now create a flow logic->loop under the Main window.

Step8. Provide the table name and the work area name.

Step9. Create a text under the loop.

Step10. The below screen appears.

Step11. Provide the place holders.

Step12. Similarly some place holders and then from the Environment get the Function module name.

Step13. Below is the function module name. Activate the smartform.

Step14. Create a report program. From the pattern call the smartform function module name.

Step15. Here we have the FLIGHT table as part of the function module interface. Change the function module name.

Step16. Activate the program and Execute the program.

Step17.  Click on print preview.

Step18. Here we have the smartform output.


    1. Hey Siva
      If I want to display only 10 records per page in smartform and I have total 100 records then What approach I should follow. I’m using VBAP table and run the loop at vbeln(flow logic) for 10 records it is working in debugging but t’s not displaying in smartform.
      Can you please suggest a solution ?


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