Modal Dialog Box (Pop Up Screen) In Module pool

Description : Modal Dialog Box is a Pop up window which is displayed on the top of the screen.

When calling this type of screen we have to specify the co-ordinates of the (Top-Left) corner and (Bottom-Right) corner so that the system calculates the Height and width of the screen.

Step 1. Create a Module pool Program (Type ‘M’ ). Right click on the Program Name, Go to Create and click on the Screen.

Step 2. Provide the screen Number ‘0001’ and click on the Continue Button.

Step 3.Provide the short description , select normal screen and then click on the Layout tab.

Step 4. Design the screen by creating a input field and a push button with F-Code.

Step 5. Create another screen as shown below.

Step 6. Provide the screen number ‘0002’ and click on the continue button.

Step 7. Provide the short text, select the Modal Dialog ox Radio Button and click on the Layout tab.

Step 8. Click on the top button marked as ‘RED’. Provide the table name as ‘SPFLI’ and click on the Get from dictionary button. Select some fields that you want to display and click on the continue button.

Step 9. Select each field and set the attribute as Output Only.

Step 10.Flow logic of the normal screen  ‘0001’. Define the module in the main program.

Step 11. Flow logic of the screen ‘0002’. Define the modules in the PBO and PAI.

Step 12. Provide some codes in the Modules as shown below.

Step 13. Create the PF Status fro the modal box screen ‘0002’. Provide a name for the PF status and double click on it and Click on the YES button,

Step 14. Provide the short text and select the Dialog Box radio button and click on Continue button.

Step 15. Expand the  Function Keys and maintain F-codes as ‘CANCEL’ and  ‘ENTER’ as marked.

Step 16. Expand the Application Tool bar as shown and provide the F-codes and activate it.

Step 17. Create a T-Code for the Program.

Step 18. Run the Program and provide the Input and click on the ‘SHOW’ button.

Step 19. The Modal Dialog Box is opened as a pop up window. Click on the ‘YES’ or ‘NO’  button and it will return to the main screen.


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